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London: The Ultimate Drawn-Out Adventure (part 2)

After touring the Tower of London, we took a walk along the River Thames (pronounced “tems”).

20140823_141910~ ~ ~

We passed a lot of pretty cool things, like this “hovering” statue street performer:


And this fountain, which raises and lowers it’s water “walls” so that you can stand inside without getting wet:


~ ~ ~

Then we went mud-larking. That is, of course, the entirely professional, technical name for the activity. The banks of the Thames are home to tons of interesting finds, including tons of pottery fragments from even a few centuries ago. People in London used to use the Thames as a kind of ultimate trash pile for roof tiles, dishes, and other odds and ends that weren’t useful anymore. Today you can distinguish a piece of pottery’s age by the color of its glaze. Most recent is red, then blue, and then green.


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