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London: The Ultimate Drawn-Out Adventure (part 1)

You may have noticed that I never actually posted my pictures from London. I went three different times, and kept thinking that I’d post them all together… later. Well, now it’s later. So get ready for all the London stuff you never knew you wanted to see. First up is the Tower of London, circa September 2014. IMG_0633

~ ~ ~

Pretty, right? Well it gets better. At that point the grounds crew and a whole load of other people (volunteers?) had just started setting everything up for the massive art installation to mark the first day of British involvement in World War I. IMG_0618

~ ~ ~

One ceramic poppy was “planted” for each British military fatality during the war. And outside of being a hugely visible way to mark the date and number deaths, it was also an absolutely beautiful means of remembrance. IMG_0625

~ ~ ~

The inside of the Tower of London was also pretty neat. We jumped in line to see the crown jewels right away, before all the midday crowds swamped the place, and it was a very good decision to do so. Afterwards, we snuck into the tail end of a tour group that was just starting out, and got to hear about almost everything. IMG_0627

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