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London: The Ultimate Drawn-Out Adventure (part 2)

After touring the Tower of London, we took a walk along the River Thames (pronounced “tems”).

20140823_141910~ ~ ~

We passed a lot of pretty cool things, like this “hovering” statue street performer:


And this fountain, which raises and lowers it’s water “walls” so that you can stand inside without getting wet:


~ ~ ~

Then we went mud-larking. That is, of course, the entirely professional, technical name for the activity. The banks of the Thames are home to tons of interesting finds, including tons of pottery fragments from even a few centuries ago. People in London used to use the Thames as a kind of ultimate trash pile for roof tiles, dishes, and other odds and ends that weren’t useful anymore. Today you can distinguish a piece of pottery’s age by the color of its glaze. Most recent is red, then blue, and then green.


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Versailles Part One: No Bedroom Needs THIS MUCH Gold

Versailles–the house-part, at least–is all about the gold. On a sunny day you can see it shining from down the street.

IMG_0447Even the gate to get into the area to wait to get through the actual gate has gold.

IMG_0450At least it makes the tourists feel like they’ve actually gotten somewhere before they realize how long the line is.


The line wrapped back and forth… four times? ish? We only waited an hour, though.

But then you get to the actual front gate! Which is almost inside!

IMG_0455Look! We made it through the gate!


Ta daaa!

Inside was mostly marble and gold.

IMG_0461Really. Whose house needs this much marble and gold?!

IMG_0467I mean, check out this king guy’s bedroom! I guess some people are just high-maintenance.

IMG_0471The hall of mirrors was pretty cool, though. Especially taking into account the rarity and expense of mirrors at the time.

IMG_0477(By the way–the audio guide was totally worth it.)




IMG_0489And now I have completely lost track of whose bedroom is whose. I wouldn’t mind that last one, though. That’s kind of nice.

After the bedrooms it was mostly state rooms and statues, so I stopped taking pictures. And then we went outside to take a look at the gardens.

IMG_0495IMG_0496Next up: we try to find Marie Antoinette’s cottage and get ridiculously lost.

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