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London: The Ultimate Drawn-Out Adventure (Part 3)

Next up in my London adventure was a day with my sister, seeing all the Big Famous Things. First stop? Big Ben of course!

Between the buildings we could even see the London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel. The giant Ferris wheel looks cool, but was just too expensive and far away to be worth the time.


For those who don’t really know anything about those big famous buildings in London (besides, of course, that they’re big and famous), Big Ben is the clock tower attached to the Parliament buildings: the House of Commons, and the House of Lords.¬†IMG_0751

I hadn’t realized how beautiful and ornate the clock on Big Ben really is — probably because it’s so hard to see all that gold detailing in photographs. Lucky for you, I got a zoomed-in picture, which does a slightly better job.


~ ~ ~

Next to Big Ben is, of course, Westminster Abbey.


~ ~ ~

After taking out pictures, we strolled over to the Churchill War Rooms, which has a really wonderful and slightly interactive walk-through of the underground bunkers¬†where Churchill and other leaders strategized and lived during the war, as well as a museum of Winston Churchill’s life. The museum really creates a whole experience out of learning, and I definitely recommend it. Even the cafe serves WWII era foods, which are “rationed” throughout the day if the kitchen runs out of ingredients.


If you go, however, keep in mind that most of the entrance fee is actually a “voluntary donation” and you don’t have to pay as much as they’re asking for.

~ ~ ~

Across the street from the Churchill War Rooms was a cute little park, with an even cuter cottage.


~ ~ ~

After the Churchill War Rooms we made the long walk over to Buckingham Palace. Now, to be perfectly honest, I expected to a lot more “wow”ed by this famous building than I actually was. It’s gorgeous, to be sure. But it looks a lot like the government buildings in Washington, D.C., and isn’t quite as impressive as the Palace of Versailles, which I had visited just a few weeks prior.


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